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LiveJournal Symphony

My brain has been colonised by Milk Bottle Symphony from St. Etienne's album Tales From Turnpike House. This is mildly annoying as I don't like St. Etienne, and this track (the whole album to be honest) is depressingly trite.

The other thing going through my head is Take The Skinheads Bowling by Camper Van Beethoven which, given this news story, has mutated from 'take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling' to 'take the goths paintballing, take them paintballing', but I can live with that.

Milk Bottle Symphony, however, is beginning to mutate into LiveJournal Symphony and horrible lyrics are being formed:
"mr_snips can oft' be viewed
Solving Sudokus in the nude
Thinks that he should do them on a ZX-81

jackfirecat begins to frown,
seeing e_pepys in his dressing gown
writing Perl scripts in the lounge at 4.30 a.m."

la la la la la they're singing randomly
a LiveJournal symphony."

... and so on...

Obviously if you haven't heard the song you have only my word that this remotely fits the rhythm and scansion.

This sort of thing can take over the brain in a disturbing manner, and you find yourself trying to write limericks about every underground station starting at the top left of the map
Commuters like Amersham fine
And the people who live there don't whine
Though the fares are quite steep
You can just got to sleep
And wake up at the end of the line

At Chalfont and Latimer station
The people who ruin our nation
Take the train up to town
Spend the way writing down
New reasons to stop immigration

there were a couple more but the chances of reaching Upminster (as in 'he's completely Upminster - 6 stations beyond Barking') are remote. )

or in the manner of La Disparition (translated into English as 'A Void', writing things without Es.
or haiku
or haiku without the letter e
or haiku about Underground stations without the letter E (haiku about Underground stations without the letter E in the names obviously, so the ones closed to the top left of the map will be... hmm.... Rickmansworth and Moor Park.

Moor Park - Saturday
Public Schoolboys- maroon coats
Not at all my kind

As you can see, this way lies madness.

Time for bed.

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