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BBC7 (which I shun as I would a rabid weasel) has 'A Prarie Home Companion' but for some bizarre BBC reason is calling it 'Garrison Keillor's Radio Show'. I think it may be edited down to one hour as well. Of course it is on WRN on Sunday mornings anyway (on satellite - the web feed is different and doesn't have the US public radio stuff).
Sometimes the BBC are funny like this. It is rumoured that the UK is about the only place where the state broadcaster doesn't carry Sesame Street.

Talking of which, I searched for BBC Sesame Street on Google and found Sesame Street breaks Iraqi POWs
And no doubt Sesame Street to stay HIV-free in the US isn't news to you. I knew about the South African version getting an HIV-positive muppet, but I didn't know about Republican politicians writing to PBS.

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