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First lines, paragraphs, pages etc.

OK, now I am officially slightly morose.

I have been going through files (paper not computer) and boxes getting rid of things e.g. 20 year old bank statements, copies of The Oldie and The Listener.

This is depressing enough, but the sheer number of pages of abandoned novels etc. is just staggering. There are ones I just don't remember at all. I have, however, found my favourite ever first line: 'I bet she doesn't worry about the heat death of the universe'. You can probably guess the thrust of the novel.

I would use the line in the current novel if only it fitted, the current one begins (warning, contains strong language from the outset) 'Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck'.

Having bought my Alphasmart Dana (with free back-pack, which I will be careful not to wear on the Tube with wires trailing out the back) I am going to have a serious go at this. So there. Titter ye not at the back there.

I have, however, found some copies of Puffin Post belonging to one of our number during my tidying. If he would care to step forward I will gladly return them (well, I will return them anyway if he wants them) :-)

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