Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

I am going to sue the meme for libel

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. chris morris score: 8 weasel says: lost it after Brass Eye
2. league of gentlemen score: 7 weasel says: never really got into it
3. the guardian score: 6 weasel says: Hah. Badger badger badger badger Indy Indy
4. alan davies score: 6 weasel says: Bob and Rose - barforama
5. private eye score: 6 weasel says: but of course, 1 out of 5 and counting
6. phoenix nights score: 6 weasel says: yeah, will give it a go some time
7. irn bru score: 6 weasel says: love the commercials, hate the drink
8. jeremy hardy score: 5 weasel says: tedious
9. the day today score: 5 weasel says: 2 out of 9 and counting
10. yes minister score: 5 weasel says: well, it was OK at the time
11. lee and herring score: 5 weasel says: can take them or leave them
12. real ale score: 5 weasel says: 'and you can really taste the hops' (alright, 3 out of 12)
13. vernor vinge score: 5 weasel says: Not so sure about the novels, but True Names would have been a brilliantly prophetic story if only it had been written about 20 years earlier
14. never mind the buzzcocks score: 5 weasel says: 4 out of 12
15. xfm score: 5 weasel says: Capital's 'shadow brand' and about as lame as shadow brands usally are. If only Ms Laverne were on 6 Music, and Adam and Joe too I guess
16. simon pegg score: 5 weasel says: who? (yes I know now but didn't know off hand, yes I am unhip, sue me)
17. bristol score: 5 weasel says: Bristol ?!?!?!?!?!?
18. thursday next score: 5 weasel says: missed off my list, really, 5 out of 18
19. european union score: 4 weasel says:"from sea to shining Ukraine, or something, I had that Kristen Nygaard in the back of my compiler once". What sort of person puts this down as an LJ interest. No wait, I don't want to know.
20. port score: 4 weasel says: which port? I am quite partial to port 80 myself

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