Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

... by means of an e-gold transfer ...

I remember reading somewhere a rather unfunny and annoying parody on the lines of 'a conventional novel written in the manner of an SF novel where all sorts of details of everyday life are set out tediously and didactically'. Somehow reading the first paragraph of Cory Doctorow's latest novel (out today and now available for free download) brings this to mind.

"lan sanded the house on Wales Avenue. It took six months, and the whole time it was the smell of the sawdust, ancient and sweet, and the reek of chemical stripper and the damp smell of rusting steel wool. Alan took possession of the house on January 1, and paid for it in full by means of an e-gold transfer."

I found his second novel (Eastern Standard Tribe) quite inspiring in the way that really bad novels inspire one to write, although the chances of my novel not being a historical novel of the zeros by the time I finish it are looking slim at best. But I did buy it in one of the world's most famous bookshops - City Lights in San Francisco, prior to going to the bar next door and having an Anchor Steam beer, so it is hard to look on it too unfondly.
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