Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Bhem Bhem

I was going to wax lyrical on the exciting life of the person who got to type the lyrics of the crazy frog song for BBC subtitles for Top Of The Pops last night, but searching for 'bhem bhem' (with hs) on the web gives lots of hits so I guess we can deduce that these are the official lyrics, and I guess the subtitling team get the official lyrics for songs somehow.

There was a job advertised once for a journalist for Ceefax in the Gruaniad, before I switched to reading Global Warming Today, and despite my lack of journalistic experience or training, with the aid of BBC Basic for Windows' Mode 7 emulation mode, started to write my CV and a covering letter in the manner and format of Ceefax pages. However, as usual my indolence got the better of me, and also because I wouldn't have wanted the job anyway if they were misguided enough to interview me, I didn't bother finishing it.

Also, reducing news stories to 17 lines of 39 characters with one line gaps between paragraphs is harder than it looks.

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