Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

The Ethical Slut On Ice

Returning to one of our perennial topics, today's Indy has an article about polyamory here. Surfing towards the centre of the LJ universe, where the poly-bi BSDM perl programming goth sysadmins hang out, third on the left past the black hole, I see that this has been in a number of newspapers. The impetus appears to be a very lame sounding academic paper: 'Meg Barker, a psychologist who also lives a polyamorous lifestyle, has researched the issue. She presented a paper at the British Psychological Society Conference in Manchester last week, at which she described how the movement was evolving an entirely new dictionary of words to describe the way in which its followers lived.'

It mentions 'The Ethical Slut', a fine book title which I have always thought fits into the 'things that transcend parody' category. In my novel, which languishes at 24000 words, I have attempted to go one stage further by having the protagonist be asked by a Microsoft millionaire friend to write the lyrics for an ice spectacular based on this - 'The Ethical Slut On Ice' (You can probably see why I am not a published novelist :-)).

However, I find modern live increasingly hard to parody so I will be forced to admit defeat and retire in disgrace to a small mountain in Peru, where I will selectively breed capybara for size and aggression, until the fateful day when I shall release them in the Bluewater shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon.

Beyond this, I have a bone to pick with the appropriation of the term 'wibble', described as being 'The temporary feeling of insecurity when seeing a partner being loving or close with another of their partners'. I think the more normal use of wibble is as described by the jargon file here. I think the jargon file is essentially correct in that it (a) is used by Roger Irrelevant in Viz and (b) used by Blackadder in Blackadder IV when he is pretending to be mad:
Baldric: What is your name?
Blackadder: Wibble.
Baldric: How old are you?
Blackadder: Wibble.
Baldric: Where were you born?
Blackadder: London. A small town on Mars, close to the capital city of Wibble.

It is also the noise that happy cavies make, in very deep voices if they have been selectively bred for size and aggression.

... and now, back to the studio. Celestial J. Weasel, News At 10, London. A small town on Mars, close to the capital city of Wibble.

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