Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Meanwhile in Freedom Zone C...

Sometimes you see something as for the first time... Whilst taking the dogs round the block at lunchtime I noticed that the bus stop on Oxford Road has a little sticker on it saying 'Freedom Zone C'.
Which is somehow creepy, rather in the manner of Big Brother being a TV series, making me think of:

  • The bit in a Firesign Theater thing where some guy is watching TV, then there is a commercial for pizza delivery, you can tell from the noises he is making that he is going to order one until a different voice at the end says 'offer not good in sectors I or J after curfew. (Parenthetically I have always thought that Firesign Theater is/are way way overrated, much as I spurn most BBC radio comedy as I would a rabid weasel, there are plenty of things that are barely remembered as good as the Firesign Theater output - the Burkiss Way springs particularly to mind - I guess it is because audio comedy is so rare in the states that FT is so famous)

  • A zone for internal exile. Trouble makers are exiled to Oxford and its surroundings, not under house arrest providing they do not leave Freedom Zone C

  • An updated 'Airstrip 1' e.g. under Bush's benign leadership - the US is Freedom Zone C, Iraq is Freedom Zone B and the UK is Freedom Zone C

And now back to the studio. This is Celestial Weasel, News At Ten, Freedom Zone C

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