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I've noticed a trend for people to have LJs and other blogs. Or maybe the trend is for me to discover the other blogs.

In moments of weakness I do sometimes wonder about starting a techblog, but there kind of seems no point in trying to become the next Winer / Spolsky / Scoble since I don't have anything to sell.
Having said this, I did once get 60 pages into my fine book on RAD entitled 'The Lee Harvey Oswald Software Development Method' (subtitled 'code first, ask questions later'). This was many years ago back in the Dreamtime. Indeed, I remember trying to blag a pre-release copy of the first release of Delphi with the promise of lots of publicity in my book. Needless to say this didn't work as I am very half-hearted about this sort of thing, and too protective of my status as a sneering outsider to wheedle effectively. But, obviously, I got bored with it. I don't think it was very good to be honest. I would have to boot up an old M*c to see, and I'm not sure I want to know! Therefore I don't have anything to sell. Nor am I for sale, either (!).
Also, I don't think I am shameless / arrogant / deluded / vainglorious enough to attempt to parlay my 20 dubious years of IT experience into some sort of Grand Unified Theory. At least not with a straight face.

Possible essay titles:
1. MFC - there are (just about) worse things in life
2. Why Verity Stob was right about Visual Basic
3. What sort of half-arsed language uses 'eq' for string comparisons?
4. If As hire As and Bs hire Cs, where do the Bs get their jobs?
5. Academics and Civil Servants playing at being businessmen - just say no
6. Bizarre companies set up by bizarre ex-colleagues, and my amazement that they are still going
7. The day Michael Jackson (no not that one, or maybe yes that one depending on which one springs first to mind) came to visit
8. The software evaluated as better in every respect apart from its non-existance
9. You wouldn't hate Microsoft as much as you do if you'd ever had to deal with IBM and DEC before they were cut down to size and consigned deservedly to oblivion, respectively
10. Sociopaths in the office, a field guide

Said list seeming to me to present an excellent argument for not doing the techblog.

Time for bed...


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