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Pouty Bisexual Danish Energy Vampires (in my Joy Division oven gloves)

As you know, professor, Channel 4 have bought the rights to various TV series from round the world and subtitled them and shoved them up on E4. Some they have shown on TV e g Deutschland 83 which I have mentioned before.
As you also know, professor, I dislike almost everything on TV (and books and...). I am not proud of this, it is just a fact of life. However I have liked various of these series. I particularly like Heartless
http://www.channel4.com/programmes/heartless an 8 part Danish drama, although it is deeply silly.
Does your teenage son / daughter look like they're in their mid 20s? Are they good looking and exceptionally pouty? Then why not send them to our gothic expensive private school in the middle of nowhere without much sign of many teachers or many staff - main extra-curricular activities being weird rituals and fencing in the crypt?
Ancient curses / witches / energy vampires / plot holes / flashbacks to the medieval history of the gothic manor house that became the school / creepy aging hippies, it has them all.
As I snark above, many of the actors playing high-school students are in their 20s, quite late 20s in some cases. Obviously Denmark doesn't have the equivalent of Grange Hill to provide actors to play high-school students who are high-school age. Also possibly there is too much shagging for that to be acceptable.

Some Googling to find the actors ages finds that one is in a film presented at the Sundance festival called Copenhagen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Copenhagen_(2014_film) in which 28 year old American bloke falls in love with Danish girl and discovers she's only 14. Which seems to me likely to not quite work as the woman playing her was presumably about 19 when it was filmed and to me looks about 19 in the clips on YouTube. She appears to not quite be Manic Pixie Dream Girl. I am not entirely sure that I buy into the concept or that it is a terribly coherent one anyway, but notwithstanding that I suspect dream girls in Denmark may never get manic.

Another of the better series is Cenk Batu, a German police drama (apparently most German police dramas are all linked together in a meta-series) in which a tall striking cop of Turkish heritage repeatedly goes undercover in the underworld of Hamburg whilst making absolutely no attempt to disguise himself or wear different clothes and despite having a couple of undercover assignments per episode somehow his photo isn't up on the cork noticeboard in the HQ of every criminal undertaking in Hamburg. There weren't many episodes though, which makes it slightly less ludicrous http://www.channel4.com/programmes/cenk-batu

For those who didn't watch it I do recommend Deutschland 83, although the ending was rather silly - as I said before they have clearly learnt a lot from British TV in terms of uneven tone and pacing and plots that don't quite make sense. And there is definitely kudos to them for thinking - well we'd like to marry an AIDS plot which would work in about 1988 with the 1983 Cold War exercises, but obviously that doesn't make sense, but never mind, LET'S DO IT ANYWAY!

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