Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Belated Weasel Trip Notes

1. Aylesbury Vale Parkway - Harrow-on-the-Hill
2. Harrow-on-the-Hill - Moor Park
3. Moor Park - Watford (Met.)
4. Bus from in the vicinty of Watford (Met.) to Watford Junction
5. Watford Junction - Willsden Junction (post apocalyptic waste land)
6. Willesden Junction - West Hampstead
7 West Hampstead - Blackfriars
8 Blackfriars pier - Putney
9 Walked from Putney to Imperial Wharf
10 Imperial Wharf - Willesden Junction
11 Willesden Junction - Marylebone
12 Marylebone - Aylesbury Vale Parkway

Trip notes:
I had a number of ideas that I failed to work up enthusiasm for, not least because any wacky point-to-point-to-point-to-point things outside the TfL area would require buying multiple single tickets which I wasn't in the mood for. The centre piece of the trip was intended to be the Southern train from Watford Junction to Croydon - jewels of the London exurbs. However...
The first thing that went wrong was that on the way to Aylesbury Vale Parkway I stopped for diesel at a garage with an adjacent Burger King and thought 'I should have time for a mediocre coffee and a beanburger'. Unfortunately I got lost on the way on the cunning back route and missed the train, so to fill up the hour I went to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre and zipped round it in half an hour.
The reasoning behind getting off at Moor Park was to check in with my Oyster card having used my return ticket to get to Harrow-on-the-Hill. This possibly could be avoided but I'm not sure how. This meant sitting on Moor Park station for a bit under 20 minutes. The station is an island station on a fairly straight line, it reminded me somehow of bits of the S-Bahns of various German cities.
A part of the line to Watford Met is, of course, going to be shut when the major infrastructure problem to link bits of Watford with other bits of Watford not very far away in only 40 or so years https://tfl.gov.uk/travel-information/improvements-and-projects/metropolitan-line-extension (now due to open in 2020 apparently - sure it was about 2017 last time I looked). Because this is outside the TfL area the bus details are non-existent. I started to walk to Watford Junction then found another bus stop and waited to get a bus in order to get the hourly Southern train to Croydon. Irksomely having got to Watford Junction and bought a ticket to take me back into TfL land, a notice came up saying the hourly train was cancelled due to a defect.
Therefore I had a replan and decided I would take advantage of the relative lateness of the hour to go on the riverboat RB6 which runs peak hour only.

Other notes:
1. The new Blackfriars station, where the platform bridges the Thames is very impressive.
2. The riverboat was full of mothers taking fractious children back to the East having had summer holiday days out. Not that I mind this, but it might have been a bit more relaxing otherwise.
3. Blimey, what a lot of new flats there are at the side of the Thames - I had no idea of the sheer scale of the building.
4. Irksomely there are two lots of signs for the path along the Thames - 'Riverside walk' and 'Thames path'. They are rendered somewhat out of date by the new building. How hard would it be to get someone to cycle the length every month, find discrepancies and do something. Actually quite hard, I imagine.

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