Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel


I mentioned in passing to Mr Snips (whom God preserve) that I wondered whether it would be nice to be less cynical.
By way of calibration, consider the terms and conditions and FAQ for the 'thing' (I will say no more) that the Barclays in Little Trendy Street has been turned into.

Observe the T&Cs

And the FAQ

i.e. to use our coworking space, with gasp a 3D printer (oh fuck off) and a sewing machine (oh fuck off) you need to be some sort of business and have liability insurance, but it's not somewhere you can base your business in any meaningful sense. Hmm. Compares well with Costa and its wifi.

Now, if I were cynical, I would suggest that this reads like some rather starchy business person has had a hackspace briefly explained to them and then produced their own version.
Oxford may appear to be home for Jonty Double-Barrelled and his friends engaging in doomed, futile, hateful wank with a vaguely social /environmental gloss [citation needed, or rather citation can't be arsed to Google and compile a list] but even so I can't see this one flying.


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