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Well, clearly at the beginning of the year we would have expected to end the year with Alex and Harvey, instead we have Benny, who is lovely but has an enormous prey drive. You may recall me questioning the utility of Alex's habit of barking at everything furry that he saw. This is obviously pack behaviour to alert the park leader who then has a good think about it. That would be Benny. His eyesight is not as good as Alex's, though he did see a deer on the Ridgeway which was quite well hidden. Then again, on our previous trip he got quite excited by a stick with a bit of paper at the top. The sheer number of squirrels in the University Parks did rather boggle his mind, though less so than it would have the others. The LMH canteen is obviously not serving enough 'mixed grill' (i.e. squirrel).
We collected Harvey's ashes today, they are on the top of the Ikea tall and thin thing (videocassette storage?) next to Alex's.

Books, via Amazon...
Something about Machine Learning in R, didn't read very much as R seemed too pointless to me. We have good languages now, why bother with shit ones?
Equoid by Charles Stoss. Good.
Guide to property investment in France for senior niece - she had half her Mum's estate i.e. half a large terraced house in Leicester to invest. She bought a flat in Leicester to rent out, and house shares in London where her job is or more accurately was as it was maternity cover and has now finished.
Guide books to Chicago and Seoul - we stayed in the UK. Obviously given Harvey, this was a Good Thing (TM)
The Silkworm - Robert Galbraith i.e. J. K. Rowling. I quite like these. Obviously, as per the thing I keep saying, all British detective novels are written with at least 1 eye on TV adaptation. About 1.8 eyes in this case - will they find an actor with a leg amputated? I see the BBC has bought it. Some moderately amusing snark about 'indie authors' and of course tabloid newspapers.
The Expats - Chris Pavone - a thriller set amongst American ex-pats in Luxemborg. This was recommended by someone plausible. Semi-OK but had one twist too many, the final twist not really working.
Acts and Omissions - Catherine Fox - Dr. Fox blogged this novel last year, bought it because it was cheap on Kindle and to see the extent to which she edited it (which I haven't really done). I enjoyed her original cassock rippers but there is a slight hint of her writing fan-fic of her own characters by this stage.
Bitter Experience Has Taught Me - Nick Lezard. A compilation of his New Statesman columns. Slightly one note by the end. I wonder how much the tales are exaggerated. I was amused to see that he comments on one of his friends lusting after the BBC Alba weather presenter, which would be very understandable if I objectified young women, perish the thought.


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