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Miles the camel's lawn

As I don't think I have said on LJ, we have (a) upgraded our broadband to 'fast' (via Plusnet a.k.a. BT pretending to be someone else) (b) got a NowTV box. These are 10 quid - you have to sign up for e.g. a film package which you can cancel before you pay them any money.
It has 4OD on it, which contains an array of random mostly mediocre stuff from Channel 4's archives presumably chosen on the basis that think they have the rights to show it and can make money by streaming it with adverts and don't think they can get more money some other way.
Amongst many things I don't have any great desire to watch it has The Camomile Lawn, which we watched. This was done in the early 90s and was an adaptation of a novel by Mary Wesley, who came to writing late in life and wrote various novels of shagging and partner swapping amongst the upper classes - it sits at the sweet spot of being both reasonably engaging and utterly ludicrous. It is a story of a bunch of cousins, and their aunt and uncle and assorted others starting at the outbreak of WWII. The aunt and uncle are played by Felicity Kendal and Paul Eddington. Amusingly, the cousin who ends up going out with both of a pair of twins is called Polly. Ha ha.
The theme music which features very heavily in the incidental music is Ravel's String Quartet in F Major - it has the 'meta' thing where you hear the music and think it's incidental music but it turns out that a string quartet is playing the Ravel - the finest charcter I think is Max the randy violinist.
The youngest cousin, Sophy, is played by Rebecca Hall who is Peter Hall's daughter and has a very bizarre Wikipedia talk page http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Rebecca_Hall

I did once have the paperback of it, I remember reading it whilst my Dad was ill in hospital, I think it may have come from a 2nd had book shelf at the hospital, along with another of her novels which was very similar in plot. If I could find it I would have a quick read to see if it is slightly better paced than the TV version, where the WWII bit kind of fizzed out and the framing story, of someone's funeral 40 years later took over.

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