Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

NaNuBloMo being over, I gratefully put my clothes back on

1. Is it me or does the BBC News Channel theme get slightly more sinister every time they revamp it? The version since they moved to Broadcasting House and Meejah, where the couterpoint comes up in the mix has a particular 'gathering storm' vibe to it.

2. There is a rabbit living in one of the clumps of bushes off the main road. Usually you only see mixie bunnies on their way out, but we have seen this one twice and it looks quite well. More importantly, Alex has seen it so he is very interested in the bushes as we go past them. I am not sure that this will end well for the bunny (not because of Alex, just because of it being so close to all the houses). But then [FX: end of Blade Runner] things never end well for rabbits. [FX: Harrison Ford voice over labouring the point].

3. It is not clear to me why greyhounds think that 'bark wildly at something you would like to chase' is a good strategy (or why it evolved, or whatever).

4. I am convinced that it is not a coincidence that the road through the time centre has its new holes in it on the same side of the road as the bit that is barriered off because it is weak because of the underground river. There is also a certain sort of 'saggy' aspect to it. I would put good odds on the road collapsing into the river before they get round to fixing it.

5. Also, I am convinced that the placing of 'diversion' signs at road junctions in Oxfordshire is just done at random to confuse people. Many major junctions have them with the arrows pointing in a random direction, leading one to think 'hmm, a diversion from where to where?'.

6. If I were the Oxford bus company I am not sure I would use slogans like 'We're LEZ ready' for the low emission zone. I suppose it is better than 'Oxford is LEZzing up'.

7. Have run 8 1/2 miles today, the furthest for approx 6 months. Felt surprisingly / unsurprisingly tired. Also did the Parkrun yesterday in under 26 minutes for the first time since my first injury (I was going to say the dog-unrelated one but they were both dog related, though in the 2nd case it was more 'my stupidity related').

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