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I think according to directive 666 we don't need a cut by this stage...

I liked it more than I was expecting, and quite a lot, really. Nicely po-mo in places, something there for everyone, and a fine hammy performance by the master himself. No, not The Master, the master.

I assume that the view of the hive mind is that Hurt was a stand-in for Eccleston. If so, I think it was a big win, Eccleston + Smith + Tennant + Piper would have been deeply irksome, whereas I thought Hurt was excellent. Maybe they could bring him back for a special. I have long thought that Who would be improved by having the occasional hiatus between incarnations where the actor is new every week.
"You are the new Doctor Who"
"I am not a Who, I am a free (wo)man"

I was pleased to see Billie Piper doing a better job of being 'Rose' than she managed in the Tennant finale group-hug-fest.

So, when did Manic-Dream-Pixie-Transfinite-Fridge-Girl qualify as a teacher? There was nothing on the sign for Coal Hill School suggesting it had become a free school, and therefore able to employ unqualified teachers - though in the interests of social satire I would have thought it would at least have been an academy. I am informed by pmcray (whom God preserve) that Ian Chesterton is younger than Willian Russell, so could, presumably be chair of the governors. Should have had John Nathan-Turner as the name of the headmaster, though, obviously.

I couldn't help thinking at various points that various scenes were set up for 3D.

I am thrilled that the Time War is over ("don't mention the Time War"), though I can see that a search for Gallfirey could be tedious ("it's behind you!").

There were a number of points when I half-expected they were going to burst into song, and where it would have worked, I think, and fitted in with the tone of the whole thing.

One last time, with feeling....

"But it's the pelvic thrust, that really drives you in-sa-aa-a-a-a-ane
Let's do the Time War again"

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