Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Unexpected weasel in bagging area

OK, I am at peace with the fact that it is going to be the bloody Time War.

I guess Paul McGann is the Pete Best of Doctors Who.

I am invoking the special sub-clause of Directive 666 that by this stage anyone wishing not to be spoiled for anything Who related will have removed their eyes with a spork, and therefore things need not be cut...
I am informed by pmcray that the names of companions referred to by McGann!Who are ones that he has had in non-TV based Who media. Does this mean that a great recategorisation is taking place as we speak about what is canon and how canon? - I sort of imagine Whodom has a sort of 8 circles of canon, with TV being level 1 and working its way down through spin-offs of spin-offs until you end up at [REDACTED] at level 8.

[REDACTED] as in 'actually, no I am not going to say that because someone will ego-google for [REDACTED] and then I will end up having a half-hearted on-line argument with them about my snark'.
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