Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Cute reign of terror

On Sunday evening we went to Goring (and Streatley) [Goring and Streatley, starring John Thaw as old school Detective Sergeant Jack Goring, and Haydn Gwynne as up-and-coming, university educated Alex Streatley (*)]. Walking along the river-back we saw, on the other side, that is to say we were in Goring and the other side was Streatley, a group of 5 weasel / stoat / similar type beasties running along, occasionally going for a swim. Very cute.
Slightly disappointed on some level to identify them as mink (probably), well known for their 'reign of terror' according to one BBC article. And they are mentioned in dispatches in the press release about this year's 'swan upping'.
http://www.royal.gov.uk/LatestNewsandDiary/Pressreleases/2013/SwanUpping2013.aspx "The swans are counted but are no longer eaten."
Sadly I will miss the swan upping as it goes past where I work on Friday morning and I won't be there.

Goring is more interesting than Streatley. I don't know if they have a centuries old emnity like Crowmarsh and Wallingford.

"A little later its [i.e. Wallingford's] wrath was kindled afresh by the men of Crowmarsh, who,
instead of coming to the Wallingford market, actually began to make their
own bread and ale--by what warrant no one knew, said the Wallingford
bakers and brewers. Crowmarsh held out through the later years of Henry's
reign and Richard's, had a sore struggle under John, and at last under
Henry III. saw the officers of justice come down upon them a second time,
and make a general wreck of ovens and "tumbril," while the weights were
carried off to triumphant Wallingford."


(*) I am never going to tire of this 'joke'.

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