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I don't understand you Terry

1. Cornelius Cardew, slightly less risible than 'We Sing For The Future' etc - Smash The Social Contract http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnauDrzdOiQ (tune somewhat reminds me of Tom Robinson's Martin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPToCNWX8tI )

2. Ooh, video from Whistle Test of Atmospherics - http://tomrobinson.com/promo/atmoslive.htm - you could almost be there, both at the recording and at the setting of the song.

3. The video of Still Loving You - doesn't fit the song in any meaningful way - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUbM-2M2XcI

4. Harvey is refusing to eat dogfood if the bowl is put on a sheet of old newspaper - the mixture of canned dogfood, dissolved (suspended?) Marmite, dry dogfood and greyhound drool is particularly gluey and hard to clean up - usually you need two separate rounds with the spray cleaner.

5. Seek and ye shall, eventually, find - something about a musical that appeared on some LWT yoof programme in the 70s about Anna Scher's Children's Theatre http://www.paulinequirke.com/young/aint-many-angels/ To get to the video you have to select it in the player at the bottom right, it's called 'Ain't Many Angels'. Sadly the bit I remember, the song, 'well they call this place the Angel, you don't see that many halos' etc. is truncated, I think it's the song from 1:30 to 1:50 and we then get a long kitchen sink drama scene featuring Ms Quirke. It is strange the things that one remembers. Stranger that the kitchen sink drama bit has the son working in a factory, in London, in the 70s. Islington was more working class then, of course.

6. Have read Boneland. It is very much If You Like This Sort Of Thing This Is The Sort Of Thing You Will Like. It was considerably more readable than I expected. I can imagine it being a shock to someone who had just read The Weirdstone of Brisingamen and the Moon Of Gomrath.

7. This leads me to remember this fine Steve Bell song
"When the loon is in the Whitehouse
And Saturn is up Uranus
Then greed will rule the planet
And bombs, bombs will nuke the stars"

8. I suspect that whilst my staring into space / looking at idiotic things on the Internet time has remained constant, my time doing athletics club stuff has come from my writing nonsense on LJ time.

9. Ironically, my Achilles tendon is someone buggered. It is getting better slowly. It meant I couldn't run my stage of the Ridgeway Relay last Sunday. I was organising our teams and people, me included, were dropping like flies. We will see if we can win back the women's trophy next year.

10. Was going to write about software but not sure I can bring myself to. The leading desktop GIS is bad beyond all belief, beyond all reason. Why? Why did Microsoft never go into this market? They did MapPoint but that was very limited. Ah, you might say, it is a small niche compared to Word, Excel etc. But, I reply, what about Visio?

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