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OK, directive 666 says that things about Dr Who don't have to go into a cut at this stage...

1. Actually, I quite liked the final Who. I thought the explanation for why Clara appeared in multiple places was acceptable, and I quite liked the 'meeting'. Also, over time I came to quite like Harmony Swamp - at least she had some sort of character, albeit fairly broad-brush. I was hoping for some sort of tweaking of the fans' noses by means of a new regeneration being revealed, and I liked the idea of the 'body' of a Time Lord being some sort of terrible toxic waste.

2. I think the Kindle World thing, where Amazon are licensing various settings and allowing people to write fiction in them under certain constraints and sell it on Kindle on not terribly good terms, has a great potential for amusement and amusing ill feeling - where the rapacious and the amoral meet the irksome and the entitled (Amazon can have that slogan free of charge). In a couple of cases I saw one could have 99% percent predicted what the person was going to say about it -like the joke about someone asking what the minister's sermon on sin said, they were agin' it. I am hoping that the content guidelines, as in 'World Licensors have provided Content Guidelines for each World, and your work must follow these Content Guidelines', will also be a source of amusement.

i) Boris the badger only wears cravats, he must never be depicted wearing ties or without such suitable neck-ware.
ii) Boris must not be depicted eating hedgehogs.

3. Let joy be unconfined, the new version of Stroustrup should be out today. I downloaded a chapter and was more than slightly nonplussed by the 'int i {7}' 'std::string badger {"duck"}' stuff. 'IT'S LIKE A NEW FUCKING LANGUAGE', I said. 'If I wanted to learn a new fucking language I'd use Google Go'. I also said. But of course, as I said before, no-one is going to use Go now.
Not that Visual Studio 2010 has this.

4. Talking of programming languages, I am convinced that a rogue and not over-convincing AI is now turning out languages, or at the very least books about them - see http://pragprog.com/book/elixir/programming-elixir - 'Maybe you need something that’s closer to Ruby, but with a battle-proven environment that’s unrivaled for massive scalability, concurrency, distribution, and fault tolerance. Maybe the time is right for the Next Big Thing. Maybe it’s Elixir.'

5. Or maybe it's Maybelline. Discuss. Or, as ever, not.

6. Talking of Google, is Feedly the preferred successor for Reader?

7. As pointed out on Twitter - in 'Big Society Bingo' I notice that the local 'Free School' is doing very badly in the Waitrose 'we give a 1000 quid a month to 3 local organisations in proportion to the box in which you drop the green token we usually fail to remember to give you at the check out' this month https://twitter.com/celestialweasel/status/337650096328036353/photo/1 - I don't remember anyone doing as badly. The ones that do well are not necessarily as obvious as you might expect - the one that takes disabled teenagers to festivals did very well for example. I am assuming this is on the lines of 'they've already been given a big chunk of our tax by Gove so they can fuck off and buy their own sports equipment'.

8. The council replied to my query about the changes of the road through the town centre collapsing before they get round to fixing it: "I have received a reply from our bridges section (they are apparently dealing with this as it is considered a structure) as follows "It is proposed to strengthen the weak section of culvert later this financial year. A specific date for the works has not yet been set. The earliest start is likely to be in September 2013. There is a very low risk that the culvert will now collapse as heavy vehicles are now prevented from running over the weak sections of the culvert by the barriers." I am reassured. It will cause chaos if it collapses, particularly as there is no sign of the 'old A34' being fixed since the landslide at Christmas. Personally I doubt they ever will; maybe they will turn it into a cycle route or similar.

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