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On the fringe of that which can be put in a public post...
Emails at work about a set of notes (on a wiki page) a colleague has written about new C++ features in Visual Studio 2010 (2012 is a bit too 'fresh' to contemplate using at the moment, and until a service pack was released it failed to support XP which is still a supported operating system, naughty naughty).
Main subjects of debate
1) Tuples - 'good way of returning multiple values with move semantics' vs 'recipe for people using them when they should use structures / classes leading to confusing, ill-documented code'
2) Smart pointers - varieties and invasive vs non-invasive.

It struck me that this could be the programming equivalent of Mornington Crescent - the winner being the first person to say

'placement new' http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_43_0/libs/smart_ptr/make_shared.html

(first non-annoying link I could find, Stack Bloody Overflow has lots of Google Juice and is almost invariably utter toss)

C++, for people who in an earlier age would have been Talmudic scholars.

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