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Converted from a selection of incoherent tweets into an incoherent LJ post.

I seem to have joined another lame pressure group (which shall remain nameless). Don't think they're going to get more than 1 year's money from me. Clearly one could work to improve it, but I think not. Rolling a rabid badger up-hill would probably be more profitable.
Instead, I shall be resuming the armed struggle. The ROELF (Rest Of England Liberation Front's) codeword when dealing with the media will be 'felch-monkey'.

And now, the Rest of England National Anthem

"And did those feet, in ancient times, walk outside the M25?
And was the holy lamb of God, outside TfL zone 6 seen?
... nor shall my sword sleep in my hands, 'til we have got the government to spend our fucking money on something more sensible than a billion pound extension to the Northern Line going to two not terribly useful places mainly for the benefit of the Malysian property company that has bought the shell of Battersea Power Station"

Does that one really have a decent cost-benefit ratio? Wouldn't, say, reoopening the Oxford - Witney railway line be more sensible? For about a tenth of the price?

This post on Beeching closed lines in London is interesting http://www.londonreconnections.com/2013/the-beeching-report-the-closure-proposals-for-london/ (not all due to Beeching). Must go on the strange Romford to Upminster line some time.

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