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Sexual Perversity In Wood Lane

My copy of the John Nathan-Turner book has yet to arrive. I imagine the small press has been overwhelmed with orders.
The Daily Mirror story today is presumably 'tabloid journalists take 2 days to read a Guardian review of a book that has been out a couple of weeks'. Colin Baker is
as you would expect not thrilled at the picture of him and JN-T on the front page with the very small type saying 'J N-T pictured with Colin Baker who is not involved'.
The Guardian review by Matthew Sweet http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2013/mar/22/jnt-scandalous-doctor-who-review makes a very perceptive point about Who, 'It has even worked its way into the consciousnesses of people who don't like it very much'. The same I think can be said of the BBC on some level, I am certainly one of the people who doesn't like Who very much.
Sweet, I knew but had forgotten, has written some secondary Dr Who stuff including the one about the pig which contains a fine Wikipedia 'see also'
"This article is about the Doctor Who audio play. For the Chinese zodiac year, see Pig (zodiac). For the Vietnam documentary film, see In the Year of the Pig", and the description includes the phrase "Marcel Proust appears in a non-speaking role in this story. The play contains many references to his work À la recherche du temps perdu."
His book about the British Film industry, 'Shepperton Babylon', is excellent.

This post about Television Centre written by someone better informed than I says kind of what I was thinking about it http://johnkell.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/the-closure-of-bbc-television-centre/ Somehow I haven't been able to get worked up into the heights of nostalgia / sorrow / outrage that other people have. The best quote came from David Hepworth who said something like 'when I first went there it already smelt of cooking, floor-polish and back-stabbing'.

Unrelated, via tvcream (who has withdrawn / had withdrawn the 'doable barker' T-shirts they was selling),
a scene in Dallas where various characters go to a disco and dance to the Dallas theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn ohYFhz8Mqo&feature=youtu.be

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