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1. I have said this on Twitter, it is banal but I have meant to say it before, Oxford station has a short term car-park which is free, though you have to get a ticket from a machine, up to 20 minutes. Or you can pay (I forget how much) to park for between 20 minutes and a maximum of an hour. But given its location, why would anyone want to park there for between 20 mins and an hour? What would they be doing? Enjoying the fine dining experience the station offers?

2. I have slight can't be arsed to LJ block, I think the decline of LJ means that I can't quite bring myself to add to the torrent of text on the interwebs in more than 140 characters.

3. Nellie's sofa has gone to the dump. We paid the council to take 3 things away, two white goods and it. The sofa went separately, I don't know if the council for some reason did it in 2 goes (I saw them take the white goods and there was a mattress on the back with various white goods so it wasn't purely white goods on the back) or if people go cruising on council thing collection day looking for things worth salvaging. If so they got it badly wrong with the sofa. It was going to go when we got the new one due to (a) being falling to bits, possibly dangerously due to the danger of dogs getting their legs caught in the springs (b) having been peed on by dogs, however when we got the new sofa and moved the old one, Nellie adopted it. However, neither Alex nor Harvey ever lie on it and it has been peed on some more, so bye bye sofa.

4. The garage door has died, it got stuck half open and I had to get someone out to close it. It is now closed but dead, so we need a new one. These things vex me unreasonably.

5. I am now the (senior) membership secretary of the athletics club.

6. The great Welsh music strike / dispute appears to be ongoing.

7. We got a weird card in an envelope through the door for what appears to be a professional stalking service (not quite a private eye but will follow people around) www.greylies.com (email address mrgrey@greylies.com). Unless it is a prank or viral ad for something. I thought to start with it was a prank by A WINOLJ based on the card, but it's not his style from the website.

8. Have read volume one of the steampunk trilogy by Lavie Tidhar, The Bookman. Cyberpunk is not really my thing, but I quite enjoyed it. Possibly slightly heavy on the meta, e.g. Irene Adler working for the Met, a long list of fake books including The Grasshopper Lies Heavy etc. etc. at one point, and I thought it started better than it finished TBH. Haven't worked up a sufficient head of steam (as it were) to go onto to volume 2 yet.

9 Was polled (on my mobile) by a polling agency on various things e.g. did I know who Caroline Ashton was, would I like to see more of her in the media, was I satisfied by the government's performance (yes, not particularly, definitely not). Not obviously 'push polling'. I wonder if I have got onto their list having answered the questions from the guy who was asking questions at the North end of the dangleway. I may have said 'yes, phone me, whatever' to them.

10 Paul Mason appears to be doing the triple dip as seen from Gravesend, may look on iPlayer tomorrow, since Gravesend was on one of my 'great busway journeys of the exurbs' trips. Clearly not prospering but not as poor and run down as Tilbury. But I am going to bed now.

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