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Foot it feetly

Metroland is on BBC4. I am not watching it again, have seen it many times. I sometimes say, half joking, that I come from London, since I come from someone on the tube, though outside the M25 and gerrymandered Greater London (with extra Bexley and Bromley to ensure a permanent Tory majority, didn't quite work). And of course I work about 25 miles from there, both places being within the slightly implausibly delimited Chiltern AONB. But probably my spiritual home is Metroland. Certainly, in my teens, I remember 10p train fares to the centre of London on Sundays - up to the age of 16 which, of course, cough, meant 18. Actually they might have been 40p by then. And possibly my unreliable memory has completely fabricated this.

But, anyway, do you want to see a film accompanying John Betjeman reading his 'Indoor Games Near Newbury' with Eric Morecambe playing the 'funny uncle'?

Of course you do http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-3hNZkO0cY

If you Google 'Indoor Games Near Newbury', as I did, to try and find when it was written (1947?) you find some exam questions about it after a few pages. They fail of course to ask the important question 'Is it in fact rather pervy?'.

I was irresistibly reminded of the old Fist Of Fun joke with Anthony Hopkins in his various roles writing, in character, to the leading ladies of his various films - the text can be found on this page
http://rateyourmusic.com/board_message?message_id=1711566&show=20&start=200 (search for Hopkins). The P.S. is one of this household's catch-phrases.
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