Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Jumping on / off point

1. It was, indeed, improved immeasurably by the absence of cipher girl.
2. I was thrilled also that the new TARDIS was less steampunk than I was expecting, surely it is more '50s (or '60s - hmm 1963 and all that hmm) than anything? Vaguely Forbidden Planet (the film, not the bookshop) somehow?
3. Didn't quite see why the episode should be a 'jumping off point' (as the young people say, I believe) but it was obviously intended to be.
4. Presumably in years / decades to come it will be necessary to explain to children the significance of "Hello, I am the lizard woman from the dawn of time - and this is my wife." (i.e. well my child, back in the year 2012...)
[Or maybe, of course, we will be saying 'This, then, is the story of our liberation. Suck air and grab clusters!']
5. I do hope for once that the soufflé of irksome prefiguring does not go flat. (see what I did there)

What, by the way, is something I could buy on DVD that demonstrates that Moffers can pull off intricate plotting?

Anyway, my idea, as told to Twitter already, is that the TARDIS should be remodelled to look like the Cybersyn control room http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cybersyn_control_room.jpg the assistant should be a late middle aged cybernetician based on Stafford Beer, and that they should go back in time to Chile in 1973, to save Salvador Allende from a thinly veiled metaphor of Cybermen standing in for the CIA backed forces that overthrew him.

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