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Hell no, we won't go

Still here. Still on LJ. Happy New Year everyone. Vaguely considered answering the traditional LJ end of year questions, but was irked by them. 'What new things have you done this year?' Lots of things, none of them tremendously profound. Went to Olympics, had two black greyhounds at the same time, went on a boat train etc. etc. etc.

Obviously the Olympics / Paralympics somewhat overwhelmed the summer, since we went to see things on one or both days for 5 weekends, plus went to see the Paralympic torch relay in the county that time forgot (TM).

I believe we went to 5 concerts / gigs in 2012 which was probably the most since I dread to think when (in the sense of it being 5 distinct events rather than a festival / gig with support acts, have probably seen more bands in a year)
Bang On A Can All-Stars
Space Heroes Of The People
DoubleDuo (people with ouds)
Something we walked out of
A Christmas thing at Dorchester Abbey in which I WINOLJ was singing
Yes, I know that's not many but it's a lot for us

We also went to see Simon Munnery, who was good but it was all a bit desperate somehow, the life of a B(ish) list comedian is clearly not an enormous joy somehow, so I dread to think what it is like for C list ones. I feel mean even saying this on a public post.

Best new gadget - car DAB radio, an Alpine Ezi-DAB, supplied and fitted by Oxford Car Audio in Marston who I would definitely recommend if you don't feel like fiddling with these things yourself. It looked quite a lot of work (they did my previous one though I think under old management a few years ago - that was an ISO slot one and the 'new' car doesn't have an ISO slot so the old one went with the car, probably making up a decent percentage of the trade-in value).

Film. Er, no, don't think so. Think the last film I saw at a cinema was the gay zombie porn film at the NFT in 2011. Watched 'Get Smart' on DVD on Christmas Day though.

4 (mostly) transport related trips :-
Aylesbury Vale Parkway to the exurban busways of Kent
West Midlands (trams, thing where the maglev used to be, Parry People Mover)
Overground and danglepod

Books bought from Abebooks (Good God) :-
3 contemporary books about obsolete technologies
1 London based urban fantasy recommended by someone whose London based urban fantasies I liked, which I didn't like (or, indeed, finish)
1 rather banal book about the history of mobile phone technology, though I did learn a few things from it
1 small(ish) press novel of the 'Dr Who with the serial number filed off secondary world series' variety. The sort of thing that might have worked with a different setting, a different plot and a different writer. I don't know why I bounce off these things so hard, but I do.
1 how to do x with software technology y book which will come in handy should I need to do z (similar in some ways to x) with technology y, though it rather emphasised my lack of desire to use technology y.
2 Nancy Spain novels. Have I mentioned Nancy Spain? Will check.

From Amazon (yes, I know, makes the baby Jesus cry)
The Islanders - Chris Priest. I wanted to like this more than I did.
Equations of Life (The Samuil Petrovitch Novels) (and the other 2 in the trilogy) - Simon Morden. Cyberpunk set in a barely-holding-it-together future London. Has ninja nuns and Japanese AI. I liked these, though I certainly wouldn't describe them as profound or innovative in any way.
Seizure - Cathy Reichs. I believe this is the 2nd in the 'Tempe Brennan's grand-niece has super powers' series. I am sure this arrived but I don't think I've read it or seen it since. Hmm.
Rare Earth - Paul Mason. Yes, that Paul Mason. Sadly he writes novels like a BBC economics editor. It is obviously supposed to be a 'romp', but isn't gonzo enough. Also a bit too much 'if you want to send a message use Western Union'.
Whispers Under Ground - Ben Aaronovitch. Someone make the TV version already, if only to stop him writing book-spanning sub-plots which don't work when you have to wait a year between episodes.
Osama, A Novel - Lavie Tidhar - I have covered this one.

King Rat - China Mieville. An early work, easy to digest, doesn't stand out though.
Shameful Suicide of Winston Churchill - Peter Millar. An alt history where Churchill carries on to fight Russia and loses so Britain ends up partitioned instead of Germany (for nuclear stalemate reasons). The isomorphism between West London and West Berlin is a little overdone, and it had a bit of a 'that has come out of nowhere but I don't care' reveal at the end.
Various Peter Robinson detective novels. The role Stephen Tompkinson was destined to play.

Various other books, at least one Charles Stross and one Chris Brookmyre from other sources. Also the book of Neal Stephenson essays which I must get round to finishing.

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