Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Trip - the sort of thing that would benefit from photos but isn't going to get them

(only journeys between accommodation places included obviously i.e. journeys round places once we had got to accommodation places excluded)
1. X3 bus to Oxford Station
2. Train to Paddington
3. Tube to Kings Cross St. Pancras
4. Eurostar to Paris Gare Du Nord
5. Metro to La Bastille (to restaurant)
6. Metro to Liberté (being renovated so very brutalist)
7. Metro back from hotel to to Gare De Lyon
8. TGV to Turin (goes very fast for a bit, then crawls)
9.Train to Milan
10. Train to Rome (Frecciarossa i.e. fast, except when not)
11. Metro to hotel
Wednesday (night)
12. Sleeper train to Syracuse (boat train - train gets shunted onto boat then off again)
13. Train from Syracuse to Pozzallo (crawled, even more than the trains from Oxford to Bicester - quite a long walk from station to port, but the non-synchronisation of times between train and ferry would make British non-integrated transport proud)
14. Ferry to Valletta (picked up by driver for place we were staying to start with)
15. Bus from Valletta to Cirkewwa (for ferry to Gozo)
16. Ferry to Gozo
17. Bus from Mgarr to Rabat
18. Bus from Rabat to Xhagra
19. Bus from Xhagra to Mgarr (didn't get that on the way there, as they are only every 90 minutes, but got one on the way back)
20. Ferry from Gozo
21. Bus from Cirkewwa to Valletta
22. Bus to airport
23. Bus from departure gate to plane :-)
24. Plane to Gatwick
25. Coach to Oxford (numerous detours due to motorway accidents, at one point we ended up going past 5 ponies that seemed to have been on the road before being caught)
26. X3 from Oxford to home

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