Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel


1. Watched the 2nd episode of Matt Smith era Dr. Who. This was the one I avoided first time round because it was clear that Nigel the dead albatross of leaden metaphor had come to call in the shape of a space whale. The 'I only watch, I never interfere' was moderately amusing. Was this a joke at the expense of the Prime Directive, religiously adhered to by Captain Kirk? However, apart from the Nigel factor, lots of pointless shouting and emo-ing about, lots of 'I'm taking you back to Earth, you must never keep things from me' etc.
So did Smith era Who become annoying by the 2nd episode? Possibly.

2. Oxfordshire smells of bog, I don't think that I am carrying the bog smell around with me, but the soil is so saturated it is running off onto the roads and the smell seeps into the car as I drive past some of the wetter bits. Ah, Oxfordshire swamp.

3. So, Peter Morrison was a real person, not just a character in Alms For Oblivion by Simon Raven?

4. As I said 4 years ago (and in another place), with these US elections I feel everyone is talking about a fandom that I'm not interested in.

5. As I have no doubt said before, my strong suspicion the reason the UK broadcast media are so keen on America is (a) speaks English (b) cheap to get to (c) safe(ish) (d) endless amounts of material to broadcast including quite a lot of wacky stuff (e) the 5 to 8 hour time difference means things happen nicely out of sync with our clock so that our media have something to broadcast overnight (things happening in the evening in the U.S.) and in the morning (things that happened in the evening in the U.S.). [It is the same with travel reports on the radio, they are largely useless, but are there to give the shows pace and engender a spurious feeling of connection].

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