Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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Jeremy Jeremy Woof Woof Bang Bang

I think it is time to seriously consider my plan for a permanent rolling truth and reconciliation commission - obviously this needs to be accompanied by a statute of limitations of about 30 years, so that anything you have got away with for 30 years is not something you can be prosecuted for or sued in the civil courts. Essentially anyone would be allowed to ask the commission to look into any subject, pedophile rings, police cover-ups, police stitch-ups, lizard overlords etc.
This being Britain I would not expect much truth or reconciliation, the primary focus would be on its entertainment value, to be honest.

My main attitude, I have to say, is 'the BBC vs the Tories - can't they both lose?'. With the BBC I can't tell where the upper classes backing their own stops and the craven hoping that if they suck up to the Tories and pals they will save themselves (a naive hope I think, like paying Dangeld) starts. Certainly, when the BBC news first thing after the radio turned on didn't say who was perceived to have won the 3rd debate I thought 'ah, Obama must have won it'.

Licence fee (or similar) good, BBC way past its best before date. I suggest that in the manner of London Transport vs TfL, the new umbrella organisation be called Broadcasting For Britain.

In other news, let the records show that I was doing Ceefax / Teletext nostalgia way before all these johnnie-come-latelys leaped on the band-waggon.

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