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My use of the special spoiler sliderule (TM) tells me I don't need to use a cut on the Monday evening after a Saturday Who episode.

I am sure I did the quote from the Hunting Of The Arc before
"He had only one thought, but that thought being Blink
The Rusty employed him at once"

I am thrilled beyond measure to have seen the last of cipher-girl.

The Nu-who companions have tended towards the pouty. So far we have had
Rose - Pouty, Rusty comedy family
Martha - Neither perky nor pouty, Rusty comedy family, not quite as bad as Rose's. Medical student rather than, say, strippagram but let down by fact that Freema Agyeman can't act
DONNA - Pouty and shouty, slight hint of comedy family, redeemed by Bernard Cribbins.
Cipher girl - Pouty, pouty, very very pouty. Slight hint of comedy family, slightly redeemed by Rory, and the idea of the companions being married.
Rory - A man, shock horror.

I have a horrible feeling that the new companion is going to be played as Manic Pixie Dream Girl, in which case Who will be dead to me. She may just be perky, which would be OK in terms of the cosmic perky - pouty axis.

Remember, terrible things happen if someone is both perky and pouty. The space time continuum was almost ruptured by Jessica Alba in Dark Angel being both perky and pouty at once.

Also, not wild about Matt Smith.

The Doctor was surprised when Amy turned out to be Captain Jack, not as surprised as Rory or Harmony Swamp, of course.

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