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On the way home I picked up a hitch-hiker who turned out to be a German tourist walking along the Thames. He said he had lived in Oxford for a bit in the 70s and 80s, and came from South Germany but had moved to Berlin in 1991. I said that we had been to Berlin in 1990 having been to the Worldcon in The Hague, so we were in Berlin between the fall of the wall and the currency conversion and the reunification, and that we hadn't been that far into the old East because we couldn't really work out where we were allowed to go because all the signs were in Beamtendeutsch which was beyond us, which I regretted now. I said that I thought that Berlin had 'moved on' in that way that I didn't think that we would have it if had happened here, and that we had been there twice, once for the marathon (which obviously he had heard of) and the 25k (which I don't think he had).
Ah, he said, but we could never have put on the magnificent Olympics that you have, many things about Berlin are a mess, you have probably heard about our airport, it has been delayed again, and the S-Bahn has been in chaos for years.
Obviously, I thought of the above advert.

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