Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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"You can"

We have probably discussed bizarre slogans on signs on the way into counties before.
Bedfordshire's was for a while 'Bedfordshire - A Progressive County', thought it changed to the rather desperate 'Bedfordshire - at the centre of the Oxford - Cambridge arc'. Yes, really.
Buckinghamshire traditionally eschewed such things, my suggestion was 'The county that time forgot'. It now has 'home of the Paralympics' which is, indeed, probably the only interesting thing that has ever happened there.
On the way to Herefordshire, the sign we passed, and I am reasonably sure of this though it is unsearchable on the web, obviously, is 'Herefordshire - You Can'. Which is very high on the WTF scale.

The same can be said for BBC local radio stations. They now have variations of the same jingle package http://www.mcasso.com/our-work/station-branding/ - I am I suspect in a minority that I quite like them.
The different stations have different strap lines for the news - Oxford is 'Oxfordshire life, Oxfordshire people'. London has largely been 'the home for London 2012' this year (before the Olympics it was '[n] days until London welcomes the world'), but before that it was 'London's news, London's stories'. All of which are fair enough, but BBC Hereford and Worcester's seems to be 'Love Herefordshire, Love Worcestershire'. Perhaps there are question marks.

Ah, Hereford and Worcester, not one of the more sensible inventions of the 1974 local government reforms. A county with a long distance from East to West with no particularly good East-West links.

We also saw the gold post-box in Newent - http://www.flickr.com/photos/donglos/7752572784/

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