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1. Slightly more dyspeptic than usual today. Don't really know why.

2. Have given blood. Failed to last time as I was on antibiotic ear drops, the one before that was just before a race. Obviously I could have gone somewhere else but it never quite happened. Cunning of them to arrange the next donation session on New Year's Eve when most people go from the 3 offices sites nearby - ours, at least, is closed between Christmas and New Year and I suspect the other two will be as well. The wait was quite long, but I spent the time reading a JQuery book.

2a. Javascript seems rather bizarre to me. It reminds me 50% of someone having object orientation explained to them, then them misunderstanding it and going away and immediately writing a language and 50% of another I-Want-To-Write-LISP-But-Noone-Will-Use-It-If-I-Do-So-I'll-Give-It-Different-Syntax language.

2b. I was looking at this in pursuit of some experimentation using a GIS with a client framework for web apps in Javascript. Actually this is less horrific than I was expecting, their Javascript stuff seems a lot better documented than the C++ stuff we have been using for decades (this was the stuff where I was looking for an answer to something on their forums and found that a colleague had asked essentially the same question six years before)(and not got an answer).

3. The minor chord progression they play during the award ceremonies is now annoying me, I thought it would happen before now (probably Sunday evening when we were there) .

4. Have I mentioned that Paul Dickenson, who is doing the in stadium commentary, was our P.E. teacher at school? I'm sure I have. He was a policeman before becoming a teacher, then became a teacher so he could have more time for training (in the days before National Lottery funding, of course), now he is a TV commentator etc. He was a nice guy. As you would expect, an Olympic athlete is not the sort of person who behaves like a git because they feel they have something to prove to a bunch of teenage boys (this was mostly non-PE teachers helping out with PE) though he seemed a genuinely nice bloke anyway. He also taught Human Biology O Level. For some bizarre reason if you did only Biology O Level you did 'Human Biology' (whatever the hell that was) not Nuffield - if you did Biology and Chemistry or Physics or both you did Nuffield.

5. I sense that the TV commentators etc. are less at ease discussing the T20 / F20 ('recognised intellectual impairment') categories, which of course weren't included in Greece or Beijing due to wholesale cheating by Spain in Sydney in 2000 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheating_at_the_Paralympic_Games#Intellectual_disability

6. I am assuming that they haven't got anyone from ATOS to present medals or flowers at award ceremonies? Though of course there is a degree to which they are deliberately outsourced scapegoats. There is probably a book to be written about why IT companies such as ATOS end up in these roles of shafting the poor and downtrodden. I assume it is a combination of the neoliberal leanings of IT people, along with the 'geek' lack of empathy and 'oh, you don't have leet skillz like me? Too bad'.

7. The summer seems to have gone quickly, probably due to the weekends taken up with Olympics / Paralympics.

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