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Bed time and I haven't finished this yet, oh well

We went to see the Paralympic Equestrian event (i.e. dressage) in Greenwich on Saturday. This involved getting up at stupid o'clock, then we got the Thames Clipper to Greenwich. The bizarre thing about the Paralympic Equestrian thing is that they did the first 2 Paralympics in which it took place with borrowed horses. Well, the bizarre thing is that having did it once, they did it again. I do not see how the hell that has the remotest chance of working - people who can't control horses terribly easily doing it on borrowed horses. I expect there are videos etc.
(This of course leads to the suggestion that the Triathlon would be more fun if the competitors had a random bicycle - ideally the day before someone should gather a collection of abandoned bicycles - or not abandoned - from a mainline railway station and take them along to the course. Possibly they should have their locks removed first, possibly the athletes should be given a selection of hacksaws, Bic biros to try to pop the locks etc. This would give an advantage to the people who finish the swimming phase first, as they get to choose the best bike). [Forget who suggested this first, wasn't purely my idea].
The Thames Clippers continue to have a slightly doomed air to me, it was mostly empty despite being quite a convenient way to get to Greenwich avoiding everyone going to Stratford. The fact that they wanted people to book online in advance probably didn't help.
The Supreme Master I have already mentioned.
Mornington Crescent tube station has a plaque to Willie Rushton and is in much better condition than most tube stations, perhaps they keep it looking nice to demonstrate what they look like if people clean and maintain them properly. Also it can't hurt that it is lightly used. I have always assumed that the reason the game is Mornington Crescent is the bizarre nature of the station where it is between Euston and Camden Town on one branch of the Northern Line but not the other. I shall continue to believe this despite vague assertions to the contrary, as I continue to believe that EPOC as in the operating system comes from 'Eric Pode Of Croydon' from the Burkiss Way.

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