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Eton Rifles ^H^H^H^H^H^H Dorney, Eton Rifles ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Dorney

I have just seen on Google Maps how close Dorney Lake, as it is usually known in these parts, rather than Eton Dorney at it has been branded for the Olympics, probably at the insistence of the former Keeper Of The Wall (TM) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eton_wall_game, is to Monkey Island http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monkey_Island,_Bray.
Back when I worked in Maidenhead we occasionally went to eat / drink at Monkey Island Hotel http://monkeyisland.co.uk/live/ which is apparently shut as it is hosting an Olympic team. The name, not the hotel or the island, formed the inspiration for the case study in the training course for the business consulting method invented by the team I worked in there (*), though I think people used to take the complementary pens from the hotel to wow the trainees with :-). The idea of the training course was that 'Monkey Island' was a primate research centre, partly funded by tours / demonstrations given by the scientists and the thing you were supposed to work out, by means of our exciting consulting methodology, was that the scientists weren't very good at this so you should hire some other people to organise the entertainment / fund-raising aspects. I would like to say that this all made more sense than it sounds like it did from this brief explanation, but...

Anyway, on Sunday we went to see the Olympic rowing. I would be lying if I said this is a sport I am enormously interested in, the main appeal was that it was cheap and our side of London. Though, of course, one tends to acquire an ambient interest in it - the fiancée of a colleague was a rower funded by lottery money but gave it up (and is now a maths teacher), and the sons of another colleague are canoeists funded by lottery money, though neither made the Olympics for a variety of reasons, mainly that their races aren't included in the Olympics.
I was impressed with the arrangements, particularly with the temporary bridge across the Thames from Windsor racecourse, though having been to other athletics events (Diamond League / lots of marathons etc. etc.) I was reminded most of the Chelsea Flower Show / Hampton Court Flower Show in terms of extensive use of the lego-like stuff you put down for people to walk on, temporary structures etc.

Now that a spectacular reverse ferret has been done about travel in / to London I am vaguely tempted to have a day off to see the empty streets etc. and see the random free stuff / wander around, and maybe attempt a trip on the danglepod. However, I am going to see Neal Stephenson in Bristol in a few weeks, and will probably have the day off (and maybe attempt lunch with C (WINOLJ and is not really called C) so maybe it a random wandering day too far.

(*) I worked on the software, along with one or two other people at various points - though the software was started by someone who went on to be fairly senior in a well known mobile platform sidelined by Nokia in favour of a doomed Microsoft one, and who has airbrushed his 18 months working on the drawing tool for a management consultancy method from his CV, which maybe I would under the circumstances i.e. if my job title on LinkedIn were 'Echo Locator'.

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