Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Blokes Do Stuff

Someone in the local library likes 'Blokes Do Stuff' books, they are often in the 'quick picks' rack. Today, there was a 'Bloke goes to SF conventions' book i.e. media cons in the UK, don't know if there was a 'real' fandom con, I don't think so. There was certainly a ZZ9 meeting, a Blake's Seven con, a Trek one and a Who one. [I have found it on Amazon but will not be giving it the oxygen of publicity - it mostly has positive reviews].
I shall be pitching a 'Blokes Do Stuff' TV show, entitled 'Blokes Do Stuff'. The theme will be to the tune of the Rainbow theme, in the spirit of blokeish nostalgia:
"All around the streets and houses blokes are doing stuff
Building robots, playing Subbuteo, skateboading in the buff
Blokes do stuff 'cos that's what blokes do"
I hope for it to be presented by someone vaguely Top Gear related.

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