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It just occurred to me, as I was making some coffee and musing about what an ITV version of Dr. Who might have been like (see Dandy Lord from the much lamented NTK http://www.ntk.net/2005/misc/dandylord.html "The Dandy's first assistant Brenda was played by an 11 year old Iris Murdoch) - obviously you may say 'The Tomorrow People, obviously', but I am thinking of a more explicit analogue, the Magpie to Dr, Who's Blue Peter - that presumably there were rather more drugs floating round in ITV than the BBC in the 70s, certainly in the Thames and LWT.
As supporting evidence I give you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAAyt7-yQ8w (Michael MacKenzie would have made a good Dandy Lord, obviously) and of course http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJsaujSs7Fw
It seems so obvious when you think of it, but I don't recall it being mentioned in any official history.

(Fun Rainbow related fact concerning Rod, Jane and Freddy "In June 2008 Rod, Jane and Freddy appeared on the show '50 Ways To Leave Your TV Lover' on Sky and talked about newspaper claims that they were involved in a love triangle. They revealed that Rod and Jane had in fact been married and divorced, Jane partnering up with Freddy some time after he had joined the trio, a relationship that continues to this day." WSMNBTO)

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