Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Not from a strange parallel world at all, but from Canada

From 'The Telidon Book', 1981.
Telidon was the Canadian equivalent of Prestel or Minitel, but slightly more advanced. There was a book about it, which I have a copy of.

"Chapter 6.
6.1 Information Production
Michel Cartier has lived with the Kwakiutl Indians, has served as the director of the Feux Follets, and is a recognised expert on typographic design. He is presently the Director of La Laboratoire de Telematique, a laboratory devoted to active research on videotex (the form and content of the information conveyed), and to training artists and designers to utilize the medium.


Mediatics is an electronic publishing technique involving preparation of information displays on a screen for subsequent transmission to one or more receivers. The job of a mediatics specialist is to efficiently convert information into a visual message. This process involves three stages: design, production and management.

1.1 Design.

Mediatics specialists structure their information in order to develop content. The accent is on organised use of knowledge so that the structured information becomes the user's learning environment. A mediatics learning environment is symbiotic because it stimulates interaction between the user and the information source.
A mediatics specialist is an architect who works with knowledge, rather than with steel and concrete, to give information a systematic structure."

Did I mention 1981. Good night, mediatics specialists everywhere.

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