Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
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Cycle of eight pieces

Being a dream, featuring Melvyn Bragg and the home of e_pepys and jackfirecat of such beauty and perfection as to almost (but not quite) merit being described without
This is a dream I had a couple of nights ago. I have not embellished or improved the narrative at all.

Essentially, at some point the third room in the house of e_pepys, the small upstairs bedroom was occupied by someone looking like t__m__i and her sister (long pointy nose, long brown hair in a pony tail). She had gone on to be a moderately famous avant-garde composer, though no longer lived in the house, and was being profiled on the South Bank show. This entailed filming in said house, and in the manner of the South Bank Show she was talking to camera and being interviewed by Melvyn, and was saying that when she lived there it was an intellectual powerhouse where people had all sorts of intellectual discussions about science, technology, philosophy, literature and that no-one thought it was at all strange that she was a nurse who was also an avant-garde composer, indeed it felt like people would have thought it strange if she wasn't!
Melvyn went on to ask about why 'Cycle of eight pieces' only had seven pieces. She replied that it was partly a joke as there were originally eight pieces, but she lost one but kept the name. The eighth piece had just, some years later, been found under e_pepys 's bed. At this point Melvyn said that it was being performed for the first time on the South Bank show, at which point I woke up.

The viewpoint in the dream switched (I think) between me being me watching the documentary, me being me outside the house watching the rigmarole of the filming, me being Melvyn Bragg [not something that has happened to me in a dream before] and the usual sort of dream-like floating in mid-air.

Obviously it doesn't completely make sense - surely one would be able to recreate a piece of music one had lost - but I think that my subconscious's eye for the grammar of TV is pretty good. The 'bigging up' (as my 16 year old niece would say) of the discussions people have / had, the slightly pointless filming in a place where the featured person had lived when they had written something significant, the semi-sensational stuff (this bit of music was lost but has been found again) and then this segueing into a performance of it, all seem to my conscious mind as well as my subconscious exactly how this would be done.

Although the conditions were probably right for remembering a dream (went to bed late a couple of nights running, was reading a technical book in bed) I don't know where this comes from, although a daughter of a friend was profiled on the South Bank Show, and I do have some CDs of what one might call avant-garde music (most of which I don't particularly like).

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