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Workers Amateur Wireless Association

So, I am sure I have mentioned the wacky Dutch Radio and TV system, where various mass-membership organisations get a percentage of the time on the radio and TV stations before. This in turn comes from 'pillarisation' (slightly overblown I suspect Wikipedia article here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillarisation ). Aside... I see an organisation called PowNed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PowNed) [geek reference deliberate and name made up 'Public broadcaster (for the) well-thinking Netherlands and the like' as backtronym and presumably satire of the other organisations' names] has been added.
I do think this pillarisation stuff should be looked into, I think that maybe we need a bit more of it in this country - first thing of course should be that the Nationwide Building Society and the Coop ought to be advertising in the Morning Star. And, of course, people 'on the left' ought to be reading the Morning Star, banking with the Nationwide and shopping at the Coop. Ah, you say, they are a different sort of 'left' from each other, and they are all a tiny bit shit (well, I have no complaints about the Nationwide and the Coop is OK up to a point, and the Morning Star isn't THAT bad and hasn't faithfully followed the Moscow line for years but other people will say it). But, just as one reason we don't have an indigenous car manufacturer unlike France is that people would rather buy better cars rather than ones from our fine state car manufacturer, this is the reason the Daily Mail and co are in the position to get away with it, and the BBC continues to be so craven.
Perhaps. Discuss.

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