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Since I have had my post-midnight bile filled mutterings on Twitter tonight, last night's dream...
.. watching an episode of an earlier series of The Big Bang Theory before Raj and Penny had joined i.e. it was just Leonard, Howard and Sheldon. They all looked noticeably younger, though of course in dream-logic I couldn't say why they looked younger, just that I knew that I did. The people who I was watching it with were surprised that we hadn't seen it before, which led me to going off on my over-used riff on how BBC and ITV would buy some (but not all) series of American programmes and show them over and over again - I am convinced we had a subset of series of Happy Days and Mary Tyler Moore in the 70s shown over and over again.
I do not remember the plot, sadly, I don't think we saw very much of it and it was just a rather uninteresting 'Leonard and Howard try to get girlfriends and fail' story.

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