Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel


1. Harvey has, I think due to over-excitement, peed on the sofa. Specifically, on the giant sofa cushion (about 90 by 180 cm?) which has 'do not wash' and 'do not dry clean' labels on it. Quite a lot of pee. Enough to go all the way through the cushion to the bottom. Will ask the woman in the dry cleaner's what she things. For now we have used the magic 'simple solution' on it.

2. Euronews has changed the weather forecast again. Iceland is out, Podgorica is in (along with some places whose names I forget). I am still not convinced that I like the in-vision presenters and interviewers who now appear from time to time.

3. For some reason I thought of Quantel Paintbox - almost as important in the 'look' of British TV in the 80s as the Radiophonic Workshop. Quantel still seem to be going according to Wikipedia, they are down the road in Newbury in an old Spitfire factory IIRC or used to be (haven't checked in Wikipedia - ah, yes, they still seem to be) I suppose that given different decisions (of the sort that British companies never make) they could have been Adobe.

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