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Where has everyone gone?

Only Mr J.F. Cat of this parish mentioned the death of Ronald Searle on LJ, everyone else I saw mentioning it did so on Twitter. In previous times I'm sure that Searle would have been another 'our Diana' moment here on LJ.
Do children today still understand Molesworth? There must be a degree of reference rot. Even in my day I remember a school-friend, who was very keen on being right about everything, wouldn't believe me when I said that the stuff in, I think, Wizz For Atoms about 'Young Elizabethan' as in Elizabeth I was a joke about Young Elizabethan magazine, in which of course Molesworth first appeared, though I didn't know that at the time. (Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Young_Elizabethan claims that it was renamed to The Elizabethan in 1958 but I'm sure I remember it being Young Elizabethan, and this sure as hell wasn't in 1958. Wikipedia now says that it ceased publication in 1973, I think this has been added since I last looked. I remember the library having copies up to the final one, so either I read them when I was 9 or I read them a year or two after it had stopped publication. Dunno.)
Of course, Searle broke Kaye Webb's heart (see bio. of Webb published in the last year or 2 [see, I am not bound by the tyranny of actually looking things up]), yet I think if anything Searle, and Willans and Searle in particular, are actually somewhat under-rated.

Things that it occurred to me that people here might be interested in at the North Wall (Summertown)
a) http://www.thenorthwall.org/moreinfo.php?ref=2012-02-11 (Simon Munnery incorporating an overly ambitious punk musical of the R101 disaster)
b) http://www.thenorthwall.org/moreinfo.php?ref=2012-02-18 (John Peel's Shed)
Am going to see the first, not the second, but thought people might be interested

Going to walk dogs now.

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