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1. REAMDE is, said the weasel using the full breadth of his critical vocabulary, Not Very Good. Very flabby, certainly less happens in the plot in its 1100-odd pages then Zodiac, Cobweb or Interface - and Interface was, I thought, at the fringes of flabbiness.  Of course, your mileage may vary, particularly if you like interminable action sequences. Also, the 'gold mining' stuff seemed rather 2005 to me.

2. What is it with Tories and slightly eccentric and ultimately pointless forms of transport? The pointless cable-car is now up to 60 million quid. Some blog suggested the 'dangleway' as a name for it. 'On the dangleway with a fondleslab' has a nice ring to it.

3. It is notable, of course, that we are at the end of an expansion in terms of lines in London, the last DLR extension is open, and only ('only') Crossrail and the Overground extension remain. Then again, the Overground is the big one. I propose Maidenwood Line as a better name for it, Maidenhead and Abbey Wood being two of the ends - also Maidenwood suggests something 'strapped on' to the Underground. Ha ha.

4. I am not alone in thinking that the two different wheelchair icons on the tube maps are irksome tokenism. See http://diamondgeezer.blogspot.com/2011/09/step-too-far.html Clearly, it is non-optimal that the tube is so unfriendly to many modes of disability, but with the exception of the DLR and the new bit of the Jubilee, I find it hard to believe anyone would go on it the rest of it without knowing exactly what you can actually do in advance, there are so many steps, gaps etc. etc. Surely something on the map to indicate that the DLR and the new bit of the Jubilee are up to a reasonable standard otherwise You Have Been Warned would be more use to vistors?

5. Whilst (a) education is not training (b) programming is something worth teaching as being an interesting way of looking at things, I cannot help thinking that the world has moved on, and a new generation of school pupils learning Python on their Raspberry Pis is not going to provide us with a new generation of game developers. These days games require enormous teams and therefore the things Britain is piss poor at, management and finance. And if we are really relying on them doing the sort of things they might be able to do without the finance they won't be able to get i.e. things for iPods / Android we are truly fucked. This country is not going to be saved by the next Angry Birds.

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