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Windows 'crappy free newspaper left on tube carriage floor'

When I worked for Sybase, our subsidiary ,a sort of business consultancy, had a method called Enterprise Work Architecture and an associated bit of software called Enterprise Work Designer, which I wrote. Our office block, rather embarassingly, had been named by the head of marketing 'Enterprise Building' - because we 'built enterprises' - oh dearie, dearie me. The professional services i.e. bespoke software development group, based in Boston, of Sybase had a method of their own called SAFE (Sybase Advanced Framework for the Enterprise). (*)
The word, however, came down from above that 'Enterprise' was out because, we were patronisingly told, whilst we might think 'Enterprise' was a 'good' word, to Americans it means a budget car rental company. Therefore SAFE was renamed 'Sybase Advanced Framework Enabling'. This is not quite as bizarre as it sounds as there were different bits of SAFE e.g. SAFE-ITA (IT Architecture) so it became Sybase Advanced Framework Enabling IT Architecture. Still pretty lame though. And this was clearly just someone's bee in their bonnet as Enterprise is still used in America much as ever.
I do, however, wonder whether Microsoft calling the new whatever-it-is for Windows 8 'Metro' quite works as a name in the U.K., with the crappy free newspaper and the disintegrating eighties car being the things that spring readily to mind.

(*) I spent ages trying to think of a convincing SORRY for 'Better SAFE than SORRY', but failed to come up with one.


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