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Fforde and China Miéville

For the benefit of those without one of these exciting gadgets that automatically records TV programs you don't want to watch and plays them when you're out of the house, I should mention that The Book Programme on BBC4 at 11.30 p.m. tomorrow (Thursday) features Jasper Fforde and China Miéville.
It was on earlier today but we were watching something else, and the video is not set up to record things - it never seems quite worth it for the approximately one programme every two or three months I want to record, and I am a great believer in a major part of the charm of TV being its ephemerality.

Spookily, I reread the 4th Thursday Next book by Fforde at the weekend, as a bit of light relief from Perdido Street Station by Miéville, which I bought last week from Abebooks, and is the main book I am reading at the moment, it having been mentioned by applez. In fact, come to think of it, Fforde was recommended to me by mr_snips (when not alone in the dark with a duck).
It is as well that the Miéville was recommended on LJ because I am certain that the front cover illustration would have put me off buying it had I seen it.

Obviously I am in tune with the zeitgeist once more :-)

Talking of the zeitgeist, I realise that I have yet to excoriate PopCo by Scarlett Thomas, mainly because I doubt anyone will be terribly interested that I think it's crap. Suffice it to say that
(a) the old rule of thumb that novels having reading lists at the back is a bad sign is certainly true in this case. The fact that one of those books is No Logo by Naomi Klein did little to encourage me to read it. Again, if I hadn't bought the book from Abebooks and saw the reading list when looking at the book in a bookshop it would have put me off buying it.
(b) One would hope that a book featuring cryptography, polyamory and veganism would be more fun :-) [actually there is very little polyamory, though it is mentioned, I just wanted to get the phrase 'cryptography, polyamory and veganism' into an LJ entry so that when anyone searches for the three on Google I am the number one hit :-)]

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