Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

Trip 2 Plan

Oxford / Didcot / Radley to Slough
Slough To Windsor and Eton Central
Walk to Windsor and  Eton Riverside
Windsor and Eton Riverside to Clapham Junction
Clapham Junction to Shepherd's Bush (Overground)
Shepherd's Bush to Greenford
Greenford to Paddington (strange branch line)
Paddington To Queens Park (Bakerloo)
Queens Park to Euston (Overground - the line to Watford once it has forked off from the Bakerloo)
Euston to Embankment
Embankment Pier to Greenwich (Thames Clipper (boat)) (the boats only go to Woolwich Arsenal at peak hours so Greenwich will have to do)
Cutty Sark (hopefully no longer smouldering remains of) for Maritime Greenwich to Lewisham
Lewisham to Woolwich Arsenal (DLR)
Woolwich Arsenal to Canning Town (DLR)
Canning Town to Beckton (where Beckton and Crossness is filmed, starring an animatronic John Thaw as Harry Beckton and Haydn Gwynn as Crossness)
Beckton to Bank
Return home somehow.

Having used Google Street View I decided that I didn't really want to explore the delights of Harrow and around where I lived from 0 to 4.
There are more low(ish) frequency services on this one so I think that will be enough for a day.

Other routes...
the map on the Chiltern Rail trains includes the Midlands Metro (something which has a rather weird and negative Wikipedia article), so the obvious thing to
give a whirl is Chiltern Rail to Birmingham Snow Hill, then the Metro to Wolverhampton, never let it be said I don't know how to have a good time.

The third closest city (in time) with trams and a metro is probably Lille. Well, maybe Nottingham. Lille, Nottingham, Lille, Nottingham. Hmm.


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