Celestial Weasel (celestialweasel) wrote,
Celestial Weasel

To /?show=P or not to /?show=P?, that is the question

Having decided to RTFM I have discovered that one can filter the friendsfriends posts by saying /?show=P to remove everything except individual posts. Now, contrary to what you may think I am not sad enough to spend very much time looking at friends of friends posts - it is kind of the equivalent of staring into a coal fire looking at the patterns the flames and embers make, something I do when I should probably be sleeping. So the question is, does filtering make them more or less scary? So far the jury is out.

Meanwhile... as some of you know I have a weakness for some cheesy MOR/AOR music - not all MOR/AOR music by any means, but some random people including (blushes) Al Stewart. On a compilation CD I have in the car, I have 'Time Passages' by said Mr Stewart. One of the lines is 'I remember the first time I saw you, alone in the dark with a drink'. Somehow in my mind this is altered to 'I remember the first time I saw you, alone in the dark with a duck', possibly as a homage to 'The Curious Incident Of The Duck In The Night-time' in the past of mr_snips. It is not clear though what the next line could be instead of 'With a candle flame burning before you and your thoughts closed in', not that drink and in rhyme per se anyway.

9.30 p.m. and 'The Vault' is still playing the radio edit of 'Don't Marry Her' by The Beautiful South i.e. 'Don't marry her have me', which rather destroys the point of the song. But do they do videos of non-radio edits?

Any finally... I had another 'one of my teeth is loose' dreams last night. They are probably the most common dreams that I remember. But what is a loose tooth a metaphor for? The particular tooth is fine in real life, by the way.

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