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So, the Guardian SF supplement...
Is Scarlett Thomas now one of the gang? I missed the memo. I personally thought that Mr Y Gets His End Away was remarkably (though of course in a 'parallel evolution' not for one moment suggesting anything else) way similar to White Light by Rudy Rucker - only with deconstruction instead of transfinite number theory, so maybe she is one of the gang.  And I guess Our Tragic Universe has an SF related theme (haven't read it yet), but I am surprised that she makes it into the 'SF writers say what SF influenced them' section.
As I tweeted last week, before I saw the Saturday Graun, maybe she should do a Dr Who episode? [Have any NuWho episodes been written by women?].
Less surprised to see Andrew Crumey in the list, though he is more of a physics Ph. D. who writes slipstream litfic if we are putting labels on things. Also I hated the two that I read at the time though now I have blotted most of it out of my not very good memory I feel more positive about Sputnik Caledonia.


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